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Tiveden's Guided Tours

  • 20 Jul, 2016

Go on a tour in one of Sweden’s most beautiful national parks – Tiveden of course.
Together with our knowledgeable and educated nature guides we venture out on hikes and adventures, short and long.

Vi offer a wide variety of experiences in different environments. Guided hiking tours in the national park, hiking along Vättern’s archipelago, bus tour through Tiveden’s cultural history, and let’s not forget the magical nature experience by Vargaviddernas mires.

We can take you around Tiveden with snowshoes, canoeing, on horseback, by bus, and so on.
But for most parts we hike.

Our activities are excellent for companies, conference groups and school classes, but also for private groups.
Pre book us for conferences, kick offs, school trips, bachelorette/bachelor parties, or any other time.
Why not a birthday party with a forest safari.

During the summer, start at 2016-07-01, we have daily tours in Tiveden’s national park. They start at 10.30 by the main entrance – You can easily book this on our website.

 It will be a hiking tour that’s around 2 kilometers to the old sacrificing place “Stenkälla”. We’ll tell you about the national park, plants and animals, Tiveden, and its history, how they used to live here, and where they though the trolls and giants lived.