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Photographer: Axel Adolfsson


  • 07 Feb, 2022

There is a big range of beaches around Karlsborg. Here you can find your favorite!

  • Bottensjön, Karlsborgs Camping - Sand seabed and family friendly
  • Kyrksjön, beach (Mölltorp) - Diving tower, sand seabed and lake deck
  • Viken, Skarven (Undenäs) - Sand seabed, lake deck, family friendly
  • Vättern, Strandvägen (Karlsborg) - Sand seabed, lake deck, playground
  • Vättern, Hanken (Karlsborg) - Sand seabed, family friendly
  • Vättern, Djäknasundet (south of Granvik) - Sand seabed
  • Vättern, Granvik - Rocky seabed, swim friendly
  • Vättern, Brevik - Shallow sand seabed, family friendly