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Photographer: Stefan Svensson

Fishing in Karlsborg

  • 20 Apr, 2016

Around Karlsborg you find many beautiful lakes that offers a wide range of fishing - all year around.

The list with good fishing waters, for all kinds of fishing, is long both in and around Karlsborg. Here you can fish in Sweden's second biggest lake Vättern, or in one of the lakes bottensjön, Viken and Kyrksjön. If you want to experience fishing in the beautiful nature and magical forests, Tiveden offers many lakes and streams. Fish on your own or with a guide - below you find a list with where you can buy fishing permits, but also information about the fish-guides who´d love to take you out on a trip.

Fishing waters and where to buy fishing permits:


Rules for fishing in Bottensjön, click here. 

Fishing permits and prices, click here.


Here you can catch for instance bass and pike. 


Here you can fish for instance bass and pike.

Fishing permit:
Fredéns Livs, Mölltorp, +46 505-300 17

Fishing permit Tiveden

Tiveden has 8 lakes for game fishing where you only need one fishing for all the lakes. 

Bergsjön, Kvarnsjön, Hanesjön, Djäknasjön, Mellre Fisklösen, Nödre Fisklösen, Sörängs Bergsjö and Ottersjön. 

The fishing permits in Tiveden are run by Hökensås Sportfiske.

The fishing permits and prices you find here.

Stora Valsjön

Fishing permits:
Lanthandeln, Undenäs , phone +46 505-20475


Fishing permit:
Ösjönäs AB Tivedens Aktivitets & äventyrscenter
Address: Ösjönäs, 695 97 Tived
Phone: +46 505-250 22
E-mail: vildmark@osjonas.se

Edsån, Sätra

By Edsån there is many locations with windshields and fireplaces. 

Fishing permits:
Bruksgården, Sätra, phone + 46 505-211 21, +46 730-48 32 46, +46 705-63 42 02
Lanthandeln, Undenäs, phone +46 505-204 75


Unden is a lake that is very similar to Vättern. It's a deep spring (104 m) with a low water temperature. 

Rules, regulations, prices and where to buy fishing license:
Website: www.skaraborgsfiske.se


Website: www.skaraborgsfiske.se


Here you are welcome to dap, ice-, spinning, reel-, or fly-fish from the shore or by boat. Here you are free to lure fish as you wish.

When lure fishing you are allowed to keepå a maximum of three fishes per person, of the species char, trout or salmon. only two of these fishes are allowed to be char.

From 1 July 2005 there were new rules and regulations for fishing in Vättern. The reason is to obtain a more sustainable and long term fishery.

Crayfish fishing

In Vättern you are allowedn to go crayfishing on general waters during 5 weekends from Friday 17:00 o´clock to Sunday 17:00 o´clock, from the second Friday in August to the second sunday in September. 

A maximum of 6 cages per person is allowed. The cages need to have at least 2 escape openings that is a minimum of 28 mm in diameter.

Special fishing permits for crayfish fishing exist, read more here:

Göta canal
You get to choose between a finished crayfish package with overnight stay and equipment or buy a spot by the canal. On www.gotakanal.se you find all the places that sell crayfish fishing for the canal.

Fishing guides

In Karlsborg there are many opportunities to hire a fishing guide, who can help you find the best fishing methods, improve your skills, and give you all the help you may need – they are of course specialists within their area.

Magnus Person is a pretty new fishing guide with a lot of trophies in his backpack, amongst them a SM-silver in trolling and first place in “Gösdraget”. Mostly fish on Vänern and Vättern, but also in all the lakes between. Here you can read more about Mamo’s fish-charter.

The fish guide Fredrik Fredén is an internationally known predator specialist who offers fishing for beginners and pros. Click here to read more.

Ove Johansson is one of Sweden’s most merited fish guides who offers a custom-made fishing package. Click here to read more-

Map for fishing in Karlsborg you find here.