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Sigrid Storråda – a Viking ship

The biggest seagoing Viking ship in the world

Taking Norway’s Gokstad ship as its model, the ship is one of the biggest seagoing Viking ships in the world and is fully authorised to take passengers. Her home harbour is Blomberg on Kinnekulle. Here on Kinnekulle (Blomberg harbour) there is also an exhibition about the ship and the Vikings. There is a child-friendly beach nearby too.

A voyage on Sigrid Storråda is quite an experience. She glides through the water without leaving a wake behind her. It’s the same feeling the Vikings had when they sailed across Vänern a thousand years ago.

Legend has it that Sigrid Storråda (Sigrid the Haughty) was a beautiful, rich and powerful woman. She lived in Västergötland in the tenth century and was married to two of the most powerful kings of the Viking period, Erik the Victorious and then Sweyn Forkbeard. Sigrid was the mother of Olof Skötkonung, the first Christian King of Sweden, and Cnut the Great, ruler of several kingdoms, including England, where he is known as King Canute.

In the summers. guided tours are arranged at Läckö Slott but during the rest of the year the ship can be visited at Blomberg harbour. Contact Jonas Krantz on +46 70-671 04 57 for questions or booking inquiries.

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