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Photographer: Jesper Anhede

Spikens Båtsällskaps Guest Harbour

Guest harbour within Spiken fishing harbour

The marina within the fishing harbour of Spiken has a well-ordered guest harbour with buoyed entrance from the channel. Spiken offers fish smokehouses with products for sale, a barbecue area, angling, restaurants, cafés and convenience store.

The proximity to Läckö Castle makes Spikens Båtsällskap’s guest harbour a natural starting point for boat-borne tourists who want to explore Spiken, Läckö Castle or simply hike around the countryside of Kållandsö.

Contact information

Spikens Båtsällskap


53199 Lidköping

Phone: +46 510 103 79

E-mail: info@spikensbat.se

Website: spikensbat.se