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Located next to lake Aspen on Aludden

Gently curving beds of flowers that bloom all season long give this garden its simple charm and tranquillity. The site was once owned by the Ohlsson family and was used as their vegetable garden for many years. Located next to lake Aspen on Aludden, which juts into the lake, it was one of the first Växtrum gardens to take shape, created by Hannu Sarenström and his team. Try some of the wild strawberries in the summer - they’re delicious!

In 1902, Edward and Hedvig Ohlsson and their five children moved into the house here. They had a large household. In the grounds were a bathing hut, orchard, vegetable garden, stables, greenhouse and icehouse. It was surrounded by grazing land, both where the tennis club now stands and on the other side of the road. The family’s gardener lived in the annex until the yellow house was built for him. This is a private area today. The small bunker at the edge of the garden used to be the pump house with a well and root cellar. 

The five Ohlsson children donated Aludden to the municipality of Lerum in 1947. They said in their donation letter that they hoped the site would “be a blessing and a benefit to the municipality and its inhabitants”.

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