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Located between a school and a central residential area

André Strömqvist and his Växtrum team have created an innovative and inviting space where visitors can sit and enjoy the green surroundings. This garden, Frödingslunden, has been designed to pay homage to the market gardens that used to exist in Lerum. Located between Torp School and a central residential area, it features a greenhouse in a state of charming disrepair, raised beds and a grove of damson trees. The heart of Lerum is a stroll away, over the bridge spanning the river and the lush greenery on its banks. This space was once a patch of grass. Although it is close to the town centre, it was barely used except as a track alongside the river.

Decades ago, the market gardens that lay beside the River Säveån produced flowers, fruit and vegetables that were sold at the outdoor market stalls in Gothenburg. Nowadays, a space with a shed and outdoor lighting can be called a garden. It was different back in the 1950s. The local area relied on the market gardens for fresh produce. The greenhouses were ideally sited in a south-facing position with access to a pond or stream to make watering easier.

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