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The location is a privately-owned space

Mångfalden is an engaging space whose design and components offer, as its name suggests, multiple dimensions of diversity. The long bench in the garden is more than just a seat for visitors. It is also a gigantic bug hotel that promotes biodiversity and provides shelter for numerous species of insects. A huge millipede, crafted from recycled metal, makes an eye-catching statement in the garden.

The location is a privately-owned space, which makes this a unique Växtrum garden. The site used to be a patch of lawn, but was transformed in collaboration with the housing cooperative that owns it. It is now an inviting and inspiring space that is accessible to everyone.

The housing cooperative has existed since 1957. For decades, this patch of land was a simple lawn with a few bushes or trees. The residential block that stands next to the garden was built a few years ago. It replaced the former telecom building, some features of which have been preserved inside.

Contact information

Växtrum i Lerum

Bagges Torg

443 80 LERUM

Phone: +46 302-521000

E-mail: vaxtrumilerum@lerum.se

Website: vaxtrumilerum.se