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Nääs Slott & Slöjdseminarium

Exhibitions and handicrafts in a historic manor setting

Nääs Slott & Slöjdseminarium in Floda, West Sweden, has a unique history just waiting for you to discover. Go on a guided tour, buy beautiful handicraft and see the fascinating exhibitions at Nääs Slott Arts and Crafts and Crafts & Building Conservation. Should you feel hungry you can eat well at the Nääs Slott Café & Restaurant and stay over in one of the rooms decorated in turn-of-the-century style.

History left intact

Nääs Slott & Slöjdseminarium (School of Crafts) is Sweden's best-preserved setting from the late 19th-century with a fascinating history, particularly in arts and crafts. Visiting Nääs Slott is like stepping into the nineteenth century. Very little has changed since 1898, when the last private owner died. The tea cups are still out on the tables and the beds are still made and waiting for guests. Educational activities at Nääs Slott are busier than ever and you can choose among a wide range of courses in woodwork, building preservation, arts and crafts and popular culture.


Comfortable accommodation in historic rooms

In terms of comfort, old is mixed with new at Nääs Slott. You can expect to find calm and peace of mind during your stay at Nääs Slott. Enjoy the tranquillity and the countryside, choose your adventure or go to concerts and other events in the area.


Turn-of-the-century coffee break

Enjoy soup lunches, tasty pastries and the Swedish fika tradition ”Seven kinds of cookies” in the cozy Kaffestugan (coffee house) by Nääs Castle. The red brick building was formerly the castle's granary, but now houses both the museum shop Nääs Slottsbod and the coffee house, both provides a genuine turn-of-the-century experience. There is also a cafe at Nääs Konsthantverk (Nääs Craft Shop) which is a must during your visit.


Nääs' magnificent nature

At Nääs, you will find the nature reserve Nääs Ekhagar, which is part of *Natura 2000.
Enjoy the beautiful walking trails, the castle park and the surrounding nature.
And if you feel like hiking a little further then there’s the Gotaleden hiking trail that runs beautifully across the Nääs area, through the nature reserve and along Lake Sävelången.

*A Swedish organisation that work to preserve biodiversity, reduce climate impact and contribute to a resource-efficient society.

Contact information

Nääs Slott

Nääs Allé

44892 Floda

Phone: +46 302 318 39

E-mail: info@naas.se

Website: uk.naas.se/