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Solens Öga

Between Lake Aspen and Aludden

The garden is a round, beautifully symmetrical space encircled by low larch wood benches with a charming curved design. This Växtrum garden, whose name means Eye of the Sun, is swathed in wispy grasses and beautiful flowers. It is situated between Lake Aspen and the restaurant “Aludden Park & Restaurant" and was created by Cecilia Liljedahl and her Växtrum team

The garden was designed to provide an inspiring backdrop for gatherings, where musical or theatrical performances can take place. The benches comfortably seat more than 100 people. It is also intended as a quiet outdoor area where you enjoy the view and moments of reflection, on your own or with friends.

In 1902, Edward and Hedvig Ohlsson and their five children moved into the house here. They had a large household. In the grounds were a bathing hut, orchard, vegetable garden, stables, greenhouse and icehouse. The five Ohlsson children donated Aludden to the municipality of Lerum in 1947. They said in their donation letter that they hoped the site would “be a blessing and a benefit to the municipality and its inhabitants”. The garden now provides this beautiful setting with a stage for visitors to act on or enjoy. 

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