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Situated in the centre of Lerum

Situated in the centre of Lerum, this Växtrum garden takes its name from the old courthouse next to it.  The variety of hardy plants offer a succession of blooms from early spring to late autumn. A wide mix of shrubs, trees and perennials provide a brilliant palette of colour. The garden is the work of Mona Holmberg and her Växtrum team. Mona has considerable experience of designing gardens for public spaces and an extensive knowledge of plants.

The courthouse in Lerum was moved to its present position in 1892. The building was bought by Lerum Municipal Council in 1928 when its time as a courthouse ended. Since then it has been used as an elementary school, apartments and for various other purposes. It now serves as an assembly hall where the Red Cross conducts activities.

Contact information

Växtrum i Lerum

Bagges Torg

443 80 LERUM

Phone: +46 302-521000

E-mail: vaxtrumilerum@lerum.se

Website: vaxtrumilerum.se