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Photographer: Roger Borgelid

Kayaking around Gåsö in the Skaftö archipelago

Full-day kayaking in open water

Wonderful paddling around Gåsö in Skaftö's beautiful archipelago. Expect the tour to take a full day and it is best suited for experienced kayakers. You can rent a kayak at the starting point!

Quick facts

Distance: 12km (6.5 nautical miles)

Time: Full day

Suitable for: Experienced kayakers

Environment: Open water, marine


Enjoy Skaftö's archipelago by kayak!

The kayak company, Balanspunkten, recommends a wonderful trip out into the archipelago west of Grundsund.

You launch your kayak at the floating pier beside the kayak centre in Grundsund. When you are waterborne and feel ready, you paddle west and round the small island of Ösö, on past Hålsäcka, which is an adventurous bathing place, then you continue further out towards Grötö. Cross the channel at the lighthouse where there is good visibility in both directions. It is usually best to take the route on the east side of Grötö.

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Around beautiful Gåsö

Take a look at the small islands that you pass on your journey around Gåsö. Part of the route is open sea for a while so it can be a bit bumpy. As you approach Storön on the starboard side make sure to stay close to the island to see the beautiful cliffs and be protected from other boat traffic.

in general, stay close to the islands so you get both shelter and plenty of space and you don’t disturb those who pass in lager boats. Gåsö is a large and winding island so keep an eye on where you are. On the east side there is usually more traffic during the holidays so stay close to the land to show respect and to paddle undisturbed. On the north side, it is nice to glide around between the scatter of small islands there.

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Photographer: Balanspunkten - Kajak i Grundsund

When you cross the channel back to Grundsund it is good if you take a shorter crossing place and keep track of passing traffic. It's better to wait a bit than to take a chance.

Find the best coffee places!

On Grötö you can land on a beach on the east side. In the bays on Gåsö there are some good places to go ashore. On Södra Usholmen there is a small beach on the east side, and low rocks too, where you can lift the kayak, drink your coffee and swim.

Rent a kayak

Photographer: Kristina Gillerstedt


Tips on food and accommodation on Skaftö






Route information

12 km (6.5 nautical miles).

Approximate time:
Full day if you stop for picnics and swimming, half a day if you put your back into it and just enjoy the scenery as you pass.

Open water, marine environment.

Take note:
Remember to take drinking water and life vest along with mobile phone and extra clothes in a waterproof bag or container.

Check the current weather forecast with your rental company before setting off.

If you rent a kayak from Balanspunkten you will get basic safety information before you head out.

The degree of difficulty is largely dependent on the wind. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • 1-3 m/s: Light breeze
  • 4-6 m/s: Gentle breeze
  • 7-9 m/s: Fresh breeze
  • 10-12 m/s: Strong breeze
  • 13- m/s: High wind (not recommended)

The weather around Gåsö is often a little better than the forecast.

Suitable for:
Experienced kayakers.

Start and finish: 
Ponteviksvägen 4, Grundsund.

Drive into Grundsund and over the bridge to Ponteviksvägen 4. Look for the signs to follow.

There is usually space in or around the kajak centre. If everything is full, after unloading your gear, drive back up to Bottnahallen and Bottnavallen where there is long stay parking about 15 minutes walk from the kayak centre.

Routemap for the kayak tour on Google Maps.


Contact information


Ponteviksvägen 4

45179 Grundsund

Phone: +707 33 22 40

E-mail: Send e-mail

Website: balanspunkten.nu/