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Photographer: Stefan Hornebrant

Islandsberg Grundsund

Hiking trail with a magnificent view

South of Grundsund is Skaftö's southernmost cape - Islandsberg. The area is barren and there are almost no trees, only heather and the further out the more wind. A path leads towards the cape and the lighthouse on the mighty cliff. From there you have a magnificent view of the archipelago.

Magnificent view of the archipelago

It is said that the place was named after Iceland, because the landscape is barren and almost treeless. The area consists of gneiss with a large amount of mica.

From the cliffs of the cape you have a magnificent view of the archipelago with Gullholmen in the south and Gåsö in the north. Straight ahead lies the western sea. According to experienced fishermen, this was where the worst waves were built and the waters between Gullholmen and Islandsberg have been feared through all times. The wind is refreshing and the waves hit the high cliff which also extends 30 meters vertically below sea level.

The lighthouse

At the far end of the cliff is an old lighthouse. The place with the old lighthouse is cut through by two deep water-filled cracks, of which the southern was used as a port. The lighthouse was built in 1883. The lighthouse function was housed in the attic on the expanded western gable. Unlike the rest of the house, the entire gateway to the west has been painted white, in order to be better seen from the sea. The old lighthouse was at work until 1938 and was then replaced by an unmanned Aga lighthouse a little north of the old lighthouse. From the top of the mountain, a stone staircase leads down to the lighthouse. The house is now a privately owned summer house. If the gate is open, you are allowed to visit the area, but when the owners are there the gate is closed and you have to stay on the rocks above.


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