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Photographer: Elisabet Johansson

Hassle church

The third church in the same place

In this place there was a church already in the Middle Ages. The current church was built in 1878-1879 after drawings by the architect Albert Törnqvist.

The current church in Hassle is the third church in the same place. The medieval church was built in honor of Sancta Catarina. It consisted of a stone longhouse with two windows on the south long side and with a longer and narrower chancel.

The rebuilt church from the middle of the 18th century was demolished in 1878 and a new church was built in Romanesque style. The church was covered with tarred shavings and to the east the church was extended with stone burial mounds, which Conrad von Falkenberg at Börstorp had built for himself and his family in 1652.

Hassle church consists of a rectangular nave and a frame made of natural stone and granite. The church tower is to the east and the front to the west, which is opposite to other church buildings. J.N Söderling, Gothenburg has built the organ in 1844 but it has been rebuilt in 1923. In 1880 the altarpiece was painted by Baroness Adelaide Leuhusen, the painting depicts Jesus and the children. There are three chandeliers that have been preserved since the 18th and 19th centuries.

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