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Photographer: Anna Söderman

Kalvö archipelago nature reserve

Archipelago north of Torsö

Kalvö archipelago lies north of the island Torsö, north of Mariestad. The islands are low and to a large extent they consist of bare outcrops.

The Kalvö Archipelago nature reserve covers 2162 hectares and was established in 1986. The forests are dominated by thin pine forest which, in locations exposed to the wind, has been formed into so-called martals. Elements of birch and aspen tree are found especially in the coastal forests. Within the area there are bird protection areas where it is forbidden to go ashore during parts of the year.

Trails for walking take you around to discover the islands. 

You are welcome to visit the nature conservation area Kalvö Archipelago, but keep in mind that it is not allowed to:

  • make fire
  • drive a motor vehicle
  • moor a boat for more than three days in the same place
  • use the radio or music system in a disruptive manner
  • travel or stay within bird protection areas annually between April 1 and July 31
  • break branches, fell or otherwise damage live or dead, standing or fallen trees and shrubs
  • plant out plant or animal species
  • collect insects, lichens or mosses

Breaking branches, felling or otherwise damaging standing trees and bushes is punishable.

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