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Västeräng Colony Garden

For you with a gardening interest

Just outside of Mariestad center alongside the river Tidan is the green idyll located, the colony area Västeräng. Here is everyone welcome to witness the plantations and gardens from the meandering walking paths.

The colony area in Västeräng with the public green areas started establishing 1977. Today the colony area is with around 41 000 square meters, fully expanded and consist of 29 cultivation lots and 76 colony cabins with varying carpentry joy and well groomed gardens.

This is a place for people to rent their own small peace of land, to grow vegetables and flowers, and carry on the farming tradition in Sweden.

The runestone and burial site 

The colony garden areas border to historical land with an old burial site and a well preserved runestone. The burial field, from the Viking age, have a prominent position next to the river Tidan with around 20 graves. The runestone that is located on its original location is 275 centimeters high and 57 centimeters wide. The text on the stone is as follows: "Roar raised this stone after Tore, his son".

Bee garden

In connection to the colony garden has Mariestad beekeepers’ association organized a bee farm with several beehives and premises for their operation. The close collaboration with the beekeeper association and the bees is important for the colony gardens operation. 

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