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Photographer: Simon Olsson

Art Gallery Skara Konsthotell

Discover famous Swedish artists while eating lunch!

Skara Konsthotell (Skara art hotel) has a large private collection of works by many great Swedish artists. In addition to many paintings by Anders Zorn there are also paintings by Carl Larsson, Bruno Liljefors, Jenny Lindström and more.

The art collection there once belonged to the founder of Jula AB, Lars-Göran Blank. His goal, as the collection grew larger and larger, was to exhibit art for the general public.  The dining room contains more paintings from Lars-Göran’s art collection.

The collection, consisting of about 30 pictures, can be viewed by members of the public all year round.

Contact information

Skara Konsthotell

Vilangatan 4

532 37 Skara

Phone: +46 511 310 000

E-mail: Send e-mail

Website: skarakonsthotell.se