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Axevalla House
Axvall, Skara

A Swedish medieval stronghold and seat of the kings of Vastergotland.

Axevalla House or Axevalla Castle was situated on a isthmus in Husgärdesjön, east of Axevalla Hed. The place was in its heyday one of the strongest fortifications in Sweden.

The seat of the kings of Vastergotland

Axevalla House’s oldest history is, however, shrouded in impenetrable obscurity. According to tradition - and oral stories – King Inge the Elder, who lived in the late eleventh century, held court at Axevalla. An inscription in Varnhem Abbey says: "At the time, Axevalla Castle was the foremost royal seat in Västergötland, whereat King Inge resided". Perhaps speaking of a castle in the strict sense is a bit exaggerated; a strongly fortified royal estate is probably closer to the truth. But perhaps it is because of Axevalla House that our oldest Swedish kings are buried in the nearby Varnhem Abbey?

Exciting guided tour of Axevalla house

A tour of the house gives you an idea of what the magistrate's castle might have looked like, and which Swedish kings and nobles owned,  stayed, and held court there. View the correspondence between traitor Ture Turesson and Danish king Christian I. There is no doubt that it was Otto Torbjörnsson who led the rebellion and destruction of the castle, , but why did the people revolt against the royal power and set the mighty castle on fire? This will all be discussed during the tour.

Getting here

Axevalla House is located along road 49 between Skara and Skövde. Drive to the former Armour Museum in Axvall, accessible from the road between Axvall and Varnhem (follow the sign ”Vallehemmet”). Follow the path from the museum for 10-20 minutes. The path is not suitable for baby strollers or walkers.

Contact information

Axevalla hus

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