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Exhibitions in the Old Library

See Sweden’s oldest book – The Skara Missal

Welcome inside the beautiful brick building from 1859, housing the Old Library, and get to know part of our history through the Skara Missal – Sweden’s oldest book, and the exhibition “Västra Götaland – A Medieval Region”.

Sweden’s oldest book

The Skara Missal, a medieval liturgical book and Sweden’s oldest book, is on display in the exhibition. The book dates back to 1150. It is handwritten in Latin, in folio format, and bound in two volumes, one of which is beautifully illuminated.

One book becomes two

From the original appr. 300 parchment sheets, only 44 remain today (88 pages). The book originally only constituted one volume, but during the 13th or 14th century, it was divided into two. Tree-ring dating (dendrochronology) has concluded that the wooden covers were made from trees growing in Västergötland during the second half of the 13th century.

Take a guided tour

Inside the exhibition hall, you can listen to a pre-recorded audio guide, giving information about the missal and the people having worked on it, as well as the craft that made the completion of this masterpiece possible.

Medieval Västergötland – a photo exhibition

Just before the hall where the missal is on display, you will find a photo exhibition, intended to entice visitors on a journey of discovery in the medieval region around Västra Götaland. Along the walls in the room are lit boxes with images of medieval places in the county.

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