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Photographer: Jesper Anhede


Sites with a view

Around lake Hornborga there are several bird watching towers. The tower at naturum Hornborgasjön has an elevator so that people with physical disabilities can use the tower.


”Utsikten”, the new beautiful lookout made by limestone and oak, that towers at the headland Fågeludden is an ideal spot for birdwatchers. The tower provides good possibilities for birdwatching, and offers great views over lake Hornborga. You can get to the viewing point via a new footbridge that is suitable for both wheelchairs, strollers and rollators.

Naturum Hornborgasjön

The observation tower in naturum Hornborgasjön has an elevator, so that people with physical disabilities can use the tower. From here you can see both grebes, mallards, coots a large colony of black-headed gulls.


You can reach the wind shield and platform at Ytterbergs headland from the parking lot at Ytterberg, after a walk of approximately 400 metres. From the platform you have an extraordinary view over the lake.


The bird watching tower at Fäholmen will give you a view over the north part of lake Hornborga. This lookout is best during the autumn, when the eurasian cranes fly in over the lake at dusk. The cranes come from the fields north of the lake to stay overnight.


The bird watching tower at Utloppet (the outlet) on the west side of the lake is strongly recommended during the winter and the early spring. The flowing water offers both mallards and swans a resort when the rest of the lake is frozen. During the spring you have good chances of both seeing and hearing the red-necked grebe.

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