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Photographer: Erik Elvmarker/Robin Lundgren

Skara Stadshotell

Elegant hotel with locally produced food and an arts round

Skara Stadshotell opened in 1875, and the current hotel keeps tradition alive by offering luxurious rooms, locally produced food, grand banqueting rooms and modern conference facilities. Enjoy the café’s own pastries and join an arts round to see paintings by Lars Lerin.

Grand old hotel in the centre of Skara

Skara Stadshotell was built as long ago as 1875 – and its opulent halls have seen graduates’ balls as well as stately royal banquets. The hotel was tastefully renovated in 2020, its classic features complemented with modern details.


Locally produced food

The Julia restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Local produce reigns, and the menu changes with the seasons.
At Fröken Ljungs Café we can enjoy succulent brownies, freshly baked buns and Budapest rolls made by the hotel’s own pastry cook – around the clock!


Meetings and conferences

Skara Stadshotell has plenty of experience when it comes to arranging meetings and events large and small – it can accommodate up to 200 participants. The hotel’s games room, with pool tables and indoor shuffleboard, is perfect for relaxing after the meeting. Contact the conferencing center here

Arts round featuring Swedish artists

Skara Stadshotell has a large collection of paintings by Swedish artist Lars Lerin. Take the opportunity during your stay to visit its sister hotel, Skara Konsthotell, and enjoy paintings by other Swedish artists including Anders Zorn, Carl Larsson and Jenny Nyström.

Photographer: Skara Stadshotell


Would you like more ideas about what you can find nearby? Skara Stadshotell is a certified InfoPoint where you can pick up brochures and maps and knowledgeable staff can help with your questions about the area.

Contact information

Skara Stadshotell

Järnvägsgatan 5


Phone: +46 511 24050

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Website: skarastadshotell.se/