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Photographer: veterinärmuseet Skara

Veterinary Museum

The 18th century lives at the Veterinary Museum

The Veterinary Museum is a very special museum, that was founded in memory of Peter Hernqvist, one of Linneaus disciples. Peter Hernqvist was after completing studies in Uppsala and in France, given permission by King Gustav III to start the first veterinary school in Sweden. This was in 1775 and the museum is housed in the building where he lived and worked thus providing a sense of moving back in history when you enter.

Get to know the evolution of an interesting profession- from the past to the present. You will get an insight to Veterinary Medicine and Science from the 18th to the 21st century. Our exhibitions are displayed over 2 floors in the building of the first veterinary school in Sweden. The school opened year 1775 and was the result of one man´s hard work and dedication. 

The Cinema display three different films

• “Aude sapere” – the story of Peter Hernquist, Swedens first veterinarian
• “Man and beast” –a history of our common origin
• “Livestock plagues”- the development of the veterinary profession

Hernquist´s Pharmacy has a large collection of unique jars and utensils – most of them from the original set-up at his school in the late 18th century. Along with an information the medicaments and their purpose and actions to cure livestock disease.

In early days, farriery, had a central role in the education of veterinarians and it is highlighted in our permanent exhibitions.

Do you want to catch a glimpse of what is happening behind closed doors in an animal hospital? Our “jukebox” at the first floor play 18 short films with surgical procedures.

13th century Franciscan Monastery Sankta Katarina

At the basement floor you can enjoy the beautiful lights in the medieval remnants of Saint Katarina monastery church as well as a short presentation of the Order of Saint Francis

Café with a view

You have an alternative to book a guided tour in English in advance of your visit. An English audio guide with 20 information points is available as well.

Take a break in our café and enjoy a “fika” while studying the different branches of the veterinary profession and the lovely view of the Skara Cathedral.

Contact information


Box 234

53223 Skara

Phone: +46 511 40 07 04

E-mail: museiprojektet@slu.se

Website: veterinarmuseet.se