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  • Askeberga Stone Ship

    The mysterious stone monument in Skövde

    24 stones lies in the formation of a ship surrounded by birch trees.

In the footsteps of Rane

Tidan is a village with a long history. Probably have our prehistoric kings been settled in the area. See the film about an area filled with historical mysteries and follow archaeologist Martin Toresson through King Rane´s forgotten kingdom. 

A historic region

The area around Lake Östen was probably a very wealthy and important region. Lake Östen, together with the rivers Tidan and Ösan, has joined together large parts of northern and eastern Skaraborg. Prosperous chiefs are likely to have lived here, right in the heart of a trading centre. Many of the archaeological artefacts and graves found nearby suggest that this was indeed a wealthy area.

For several years, ground radar investigations have been carried out at both Askeberga Stone Ship and King Rane’s Mound in the quest to find out more about these mysterious locations. These investigations have provided many answers, but have also resulted in more questions.