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Photographer: Mårten Bergkvist/Next Skövde

Vallby Sörgården Cultural Reserve
Tidan, Skövde


Vallby Sörgården Cultural Reserve in Tidan is a living reminder of traditional farming communities, allowing visitors to step into the past. Sörgården is more than just a preserved 19th century farm – it is also a form of living cultural heritage. This is Skaraborg’s only cultural reserve, and includes a home, farm buildings and a living agricultural landscape.

Living cultural heritage

Vallby Sörgården still features many 19th century details. The house was renovated in the 1910s, but very little has changed since then. All the décor and equipment remain in place, and nothing has been removed from the home. Tyra Johansson lived on the farm all her life. Until her death in 1996, the farm had been passed down through the generations since the 18th century.

Activities bring the farm to life

In the summer, the hay is piled on drying rack, the rye is reaped using scythes, and the oats are tied into sheaves. The Vallby Sörgården Association keeps the farm alive, organising various activities relating to historic work and entertainment. Themed days are held during the summer.

Always something to do at Vallby Sörgården

If you want to find out more about life at Vallby Sörgården and its fascinating 200 year history, there are a number of exciting ways to explore the cultural reserve. A trip here is always a fantastic experience that results in new knowledge. Sit on the garden furniture and eat a picnic, and simply enjoy the surroundings. 

Self-guided tours

Signs at Sörgården provide information about the farm, its 200 year history and the people who lived and worked here. Visitors are welcome at any time!

Quiz walk

Challenge yourself and others with a quiz walk in an authentic agricultural setting! Free question sheets are available from the letterbox outside the farm, and the answers can be found on the signboards. These tell the story of the farm’s 200 year history. Maybe you already know all about it? If not, there’s lots to learn. Good luck!

Photographer: Mårten Bergkvist/Next Skövde

A walk through historic countryside

Walking along the cultural trail is a way to see the entire farm and its traditional cultural landscape. The trail runs along a droveway, across the Iron Age burial field, past Skövde’s only runestone, along a country road and onwards to a country lane. The trail is signed, and a free information leaflet is available at the car park. Visitors can explore the trail at any time of day, all year round.

Vallby Sörgården Cultural Reserve is close to Skaraborg Culture Route. Discover more sights along Skaraborg Culture Route by downloading the app from Google Play or the AppStore.

Getting there

The cultural reserve is clearly marked with brown signs along Route 200 between Väring and Tidan.
To get there by bus, take bus number 505 from Skövde and get off at the Vallby stop. Search for bus times here.


Contact information

Föreningen Vallby Sörgården

Vallby Sörgården 1

54991 Tidan

Phone: +46 72 748 55 55

E-mail: Send e-mail

Website: hembygd.se/vallby