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Photographer: Jesper Anhede

Fishing in Skövde

Skövde has several lakes where you can fish with a permit. Here is a list of locations where you can fish and the rules that apply at the various lakes.

Patience is a virtue when it comes to fishing. Nothing beats the feeling of sitting in silence and suddenly feeling a tug on your fishing rod as the float disappears beneath the surface. You’ve hooked something!


A thirteen hectare ‘ice hollow’ lake with excellent water quality. Here, you can fish for perch, bream, ruffe, pike, roach, common rudd and tench. Rainbow trout are introduced regularly, and sometimes also salmon trout. A fishing permit is required at Karstorpssjön. You can fish using hand-held gear from the shore and jetties, but not from boats. Only day permits are sold, and are valid from 05:00 to 22:00. Children under the age of 16 who are accompanied by an adult can fish on the adult’s permit. Any catches are included in the permit’s quota of up to two game fish.

It's free to fish in this lake. 


Hållsdammen is in Billingen recreation area on Billingen Mountain, and is approximately 10 hectares in size. Around the lake are casting jetties and seven wind breaks with barbecue spots and firewood stores. At Hållsdammen, you can fish for stocked rainbow trout.

Fishing permit price:
Daily card SEK 200, maximum two fish per card. Children under 12 fish together with a guardian on the guardian's card and quota.

(You can easily buy your fishing license in the credit card machine located next to the large car park at Billingen Skövde. You can also pay via swish - Use Swish number 123 345 72 98.)




Simsjön is in the southern part of Billingen. At Simsjön, you can fish for perch, pike, roach, char and vendace. 

Day permit price:
SEK 100. (Available from Skövde Tourism Centre and via the iFiske app/website.)


Vristulven is magical lake that is low in nutrients, with plenty of islands, skerries and bays. The lake also has a wealth of bird life with many breeding birds, and some of the islets are therefore designated bird protection areas during the breeding season. Only hand-held sport fishing rods are permitted at Vristulven, with only one rod to be used at a time. Fishing permits do not include permission to catch crayfish. Children under the age of 16 who are accompanied by an adult can fish for free on the adult’s permit. Before fishing at Vristulven, you should read the rules and regulations that apply at the lake. Breaking these rules will result in the right to fish ending immediately.

Permit prices:
Day permit SEK 30
Weekly permit SEK 100, only available via mobile
Annual permit SEK 300
Family permit SEK 400
Annual permit when sold at lake SEK 600
(Permits are available from Gulf Bilvård Timmersdala, Gofish Skövde, STF Lugnåsberget Youth Hostel and Mariestad Marina.)


A shallow plains lake with reeded shores. You can fish for pike, perch, pike-perch, eel, tench, mountain carp, bream, roach and bleak using rod fishing, trolling or angling. Permits are valid for rod, jig and lure fishing. (When using a motor, only one rod can be rigged to the boat.) Max. five ice fishing rods during the winter.

Permit prices at Lången:
Annual permit SEK 500
Weekly permit SEK 160
Day permit SEK 80
Children under 15 fish for free


Free fishing using hand-held gear.

Lake Östen Fishery Conservation Area Association

Day permit SEK 30
Annual permit SEK 200

Lower Ösan Fishery Conservation Area

The Lower Ösan begins at the road bridge in Fjället near Skövde, and stretches to Lake Östen. Along the way, the river runs through beautiful countryside with areas of deciduous forest. You can fish for pike, perch, brown trout, chub, ide, common rudd, bream, tench and roach, from bridges, nearby meadows and fields, or a canoe. 


24 hours: SEK 40
Annual permit SEK 350
(Available from Nybo Fiske and GoFish Skövde. Also available via the iFiske app/website.)

Upper Ösan Fishery Conservation Area

Send a Swish mobile payment to +44705917403 with your name and address details via Swish or text message, and a permit will be sent to you. Only annual SEK 200 permits are sold. The fishing rules are posted in several locations along the river.

Tidan River (Skövde Municipality)

Completely free fishing, with no permit required.
Only landowners along the river are permitted to fish for crayfish. 
For more information, call GoFish on +46 (0)500 486907

Buy your fishing permit via the
iFiske app! 

How to buy a fishing permit via the app: 
- Download the app from Google Play or the AppStore.
- Open the app and search for the lake where you want to fish in the search field.
- Choose the appropriate lake.
- Click on “Köp fiskekort” (“Buy fishing permit”).
- Choose the type of permit you want to buy.
- Enter your details and choose the date from which the permit should apply.