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Photographer: Anders Jonsson

Marstrand hiking trails

Walk around Marstrand island where the oceans meet and history thrives

Marstrand island offers magnificent nature experience via a hiking trail along the water, with several interesting detours for those who want to explore more.

Quick facts

Length: 5 km
Difficulty: easy
Terrain: Hilly paths, boardwalks

Close to the Marstrand beach

The hiking trail that runs around the whole island is about 5 kilometers long and takes one hour if you don’t stop, but there are several alternative routes for anyone who wants to explore more! On your hike across the island, there are several spots to enjoy a swim in the ocean, and the opportunity to explore Smugglarrännan (Smugglers Gorge), discover caves, explore Trollskogen (Troll Forest) and view the rare, red water lilies in Näckrosdammen (Water Lilies Pond). Nålsögat (Eye of the Needle) is a much-loved detour; the passage between two giant boulders is so narrow that you have to walk sideways to get through and is popular with young and old visitors. Another fantastic nature experience not to be missed is standing on the cliffs at the Skallens Fyr lighthouse and watch the two bodies of water, Skagerrak and Kattegat, meet as healthy, salty sea air fills your lungs. Benches have been placed in suitable locations along the trails where hikers can rest their legs and take in the surrounds.

Fact about the trail


The trail around the island is about 5 kilometers long.

Approximate times:

It takes about 1 hour to walk without stopping, but there are plenty of lovely places where you want to pause along the way.


There are information signs along the trail. At times, it can be difficult to see where the trail goes.

Level of difficulty:

There are several paths on the island of varying difficulty. The main route around the island is an easy walk suitable for prams but does include a few obstacles such as stairs.

Start and end:

You will probably start your hike around the island with a walk north along the quay. When you have passed the settlement and the large, yellow Marstrand's hot tub, you are led up a path along the edge of the mountain. Here you can choose a stroller-friendly link that goes over the mountain to the west side, past a beautiful, wild park and the Näckros dam, and out on a winding road that leads down to the water at Skallens Lighthouse. You can also choose to continue along the water on a narrower path that goes through the needle eye which is a very narrow passage between two steep cliff walls.

At the end of the walk around the island you will pass Strandverket and then you will once again come out on the quay and after the guest harbor lies the ferry location where you will take you back to the mainland.

How to get here:

Car: At Kungälvsmotet take exit 86 and follow road 168 (signposted Marstrand). This road is followed for about 25 km to Marstrand-Koön. At the entrance to Marstrand-Koön there are signs for several different parking spaces. The period from 1 October to 30 April is free to park on public parking in Marstrand (does not apply to the Salteriet which is subject to a fee all year). See references and instructions on site.

Public transport: See Västtrafik's travel planner
The stop is called Marstrand's ferry terminal. With Marstrands Express (MEXP) you take you from Nils Ericson Terminal in Gothenburg to Marstrand's ferry terminal in just under an hour.
If you come from the north, you either travel by Västtågen to Ytterby station or by bus to Kungälv travel center, and then continue on Marstrands Express to Marstrand's ferry station.

The ferry Koön-Marstrandsön: The ferry (Line 322) departs regularly around the clock and only takes 2 minutes. Late nights and nights, the ferry needs to be pre-ordered and is free of charge when traveling from the Marstrand beach.
Ticket you buy via the app Västtrafik ToGo or or in ticket machines or the kiosk at the ferry location. If you come to Koön by bus, the bus ticket also applies for crossing the ferry to Marstrandsön. Tickets only need to be shown when traveling from Koön to Marstrand. Current prices and departure times can be found in Västtrafik's travel planner.


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