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Sundsby hiking trails
Hjälteby, Tjörn

4.8 km, moderate - difficult

In the countryside round Sundsby Säteri there are five paths and trails offering walkers lots of different experiences. The scenery is beautiful and very varied, with stunning views of Stig Fjord, a tranquil beech forest and a very exciting climb through narrow passages, as well as a large cave system. This is a fantastic destination for both children and adults.

Quick facts

Length: The Sundsby Trail 4.8 km, other paths vary between 1–3 km
Difficulty: moderate, difficult
Terrain: gravelled roads, hilly paths, boardwalks and stairs

Something for everyone

There are several different trails of varying difficulty at Sundsby. Some stretches are for all abilities whereas the path up to Solklinten and the caves is less accessible, with narrow, deep ravines wedged with boulders. There are some spots here where you have to wriggle under or climb over stones. It’s a great adventure for older children.

For the littlest ones there’s Iver’s Woodland Walk, a circular children’s trail tested by three year olds. Along the way there’s a picnic area with a view, rustic seating and knotty pines to climb.

If you want to have a barbecue “Skalgrusgropen” has been updated to include two grill areas and a large timber wind shelter. This path is wheelchair and pushchair accessible.



Fact about the trail


Sundsby Trail 4.8 km
Krossen Trail 3.8 km
Deer Path 3.5 km 
Iver’s Woodland Walk 1.3 km 
Solklinten, the ravine and caves 300–700 m 


The trails are well marked with posts and signs. The Sundsby Trail has blue posts, Solklinten with ravines and caves black, Krossen Trail red, Deer Path yellow and Iver’s Woodland Walk white.

Level of difficulty:

Sundsby Trail: moderate 
Krossen Trail: moderate
Deer Path: moderate to difficult
Iver’s Woodland Walk 1.3 km: easy
Solklinten, the ravines and caves 300–700 m: difficult 

The first part of the Sundsby Trail going clockwise, up to the rest area with a lovely view of the inner part of Mjölkevik bay is accessible with wheelchair, although the last part is a little steep. The first section of the Sundsby Trail going anti-clockwise (along the Karpstigen path towards the Säteri then up into the woods) is also easy to get along for approx. 1 km.

Apart from the Karpstigen path (from the car park to the säteri) and the first 1.5 km of the Sundsby trail (clockwise) all paths are more or less untouched nature trails. At certain times of the year some places can be boggy.

Responsible for the trails: Tjörn District Council

Start and end:

The trails round Sundsby lead from the car park by the southern end  of the pond, where there is a board with information about the paths, their waymarks and grades of difficulty. The hiking trail starts here and and ends at Sundsby säteri and its historic surroundings. From there the Karpstigen path by the pond leads back to the car park. Other trails can be found along or parallel to the Sundsby Trail.

How to get here:

Travelling via E6: Exit the E6 to Tjörn and Orust. After the Tjörn bridge carry on along road 160 towards Orust. Turn left to Sundsby säteri after around 5 kilometres. Follow the road approximately 1 km, the car park is on the right after you have passed the manor house.

Travelling from the north via Orust: Take road 161 from Torpmotet on the E6. At the Rotviksbro roundabout turn onto road 160 and continue across the island of Orust. After approx. 30 km turn right to Sundsby säteri. Follow the road approximately 1 km, the car park is on the right after you have passed the manor house.

On public transport: See Västtrafik Travel Planner
From Stenungsund station to Sundsby crossroad on Orust express takes approx. 15 min.
From Henån bus terminal to Sundsby crossroad on Orust express takes approx. 25 min.


Maps are available at Tjörn Tourist Information Centre or online. 

Map for printing/download

Contact information

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