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Photographer: Anders Jonsson, SBT

Tjörn skärgårdsturer
Kyrkesund, Tjörn

Archipelago tours by boat and plane in Bohuslän's southern archipelago

Tjörn skärgårdsturer offers archipelago tours in the southern Bohuslän archipelago. Take a boat trip in the archipelago, seal safari to the outermost skerries, fishing trips with mackerel fishing or scenic flights across our beautiful world of islands.

Seal safaris and sightseeing tours at sea

Tjörn skärgårdsturer tailors its tours according to your wishes. Maybe a trip from Skärhamn around ‘herring island’ Klädesholmen? This trip takes you right past the statue "Faith, Hope and Love" by Claes Hake and offers close-up view of Marstrand and lighthouse Pater Noster. An evening trip to Måseskär is a fantastic experience. On the trip around Härön, you will see the small community of Kyrkesund, the old boiler from 1780 and remains of an old pilot station. Book a seal safari for a chance to see the seals sunbathing on the rocks of the outer skerries The boat is easy to board and takes up to 8 passengers.

Fishing trips

Bring your friends or family on a fishing trip, mackerel fishing is popular, but you can also fish for cod or harvest the crab pots that are already in the ocean.

Water taxis

Tjörn skärgårdsturer also offers a boat taxi service for transport between our islands. You may need to transport yourself and your bike to the next island or maybe you want to go out to an island to sunbathe and swim.



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Tjörns skärgårdsturer

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E-mail: info@skargardsturer.se