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Kuststigen Bohus-Malmön

Hike the Kuststigen on the beautiful island of Bohus-Malmön (Soteleden stage 8). There are fantastic bathing opportunities here, with lots of little bays and turquoise lagoons.


Quick facts

Length: 10.5 km

Timing: around 4-5 hours

Difficulty: easy/moderate

Terrain: coastal rocks and paths, and seaside villages

Hike in the stone cutters’ footsteps

Bohus-Malmön is a rocky island in the county of Sotenäs, a bit more than 4 kilometres long and 2 kilometres wide. The trail takes you through varied landscapes by several monuments which bear witness to the glory days of the stone cutting era. By the end of the 1800s the first cobblestone was cut, and the island  became one of the most important places historically when it came to the pink Bohus granite. Shiploads of worked stone was transported from here to most of the world. Nowadays there’s no stone cutting anymore on the island, but the quarry and many stone objects remain.

Sparkling green lagoons

The trail takes you over bare rocky landscapes, by fantastic lagoons with fine white sand, and sparkling, crystal clear turquoise waters that remind you of Greece. There are many opportunities to swim, both from sandy beaches and smooth sea worn rocks. But exploring Bohus-Malmön is not something that can only be done during the summer. It’s just as beautiful here the rest of the year.

Hikers in West Sweden

Photographer: Lukasz Warzecha

If you want to stay a bit longer Bohus-Malmöns Pensionat is situated in the middle of the island, with cosy hotel rooms, cabins and a restaurant.

Fact about the trail


This stage is 10.5 kilometres.

Approximate times:

This stage takes around 4-5 hours to walk.


This stretch is part of both the Kuststigen and the Soteleden. The Kuststigen is waymarked by name and in blue. The Soteleden is waymarked with blue/white marks on posts and trees and cairns in some places. There are good maps of the path (see more under Maps).  

Photographer: Lukasz Warzecha LWimages Studio

Level of difficulty:

The trail is classed as easy/moderate. Most of it is by the sea and on rocks. The east side of the island is a little bit leafier.

Start and end:

To get to the island take the car ferry from Tullboden to Malmön. It goes every half hour all year round. There’s a long stay car park on the island in the centre of town, and the Torget bus stop is also found there.

How to get here:

Bohus-Malmön is in Bohuslän. From Uddevalla take the bus, a journey of around 90 minutes, changing in Amborsröd. The bus takes you all the way on to the island (travelling over on the ferry). Travelling by car takes around 2 hours from Gothenburg.


A digital map of the trail can be found on Google Maps and the Sotenäs website. Map brochures can be purchased in, amongst other places, Tourist Information Centres in the area, and be downloaded from the Sotenäs website.

Contact information

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Phone: +46523 665550

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