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Photographer: Fredrik Broman

Kosters Trädgårdar

Organic garden with green educational activities

The first thing you encounter when visiting Kosters Gardens is the scent of the sea and soil. Here, you can enjoy guided garden tours or pre-book courses in permaculture, yoga, music or crafts. Welcome!

Salt-sprayed and varied landscape

Just outside Strömstad lies the scenic Koster Islands with the two main islands, North and South Koster. Kosters Gardens is nestled in lush greenery on South Koster, the larger of the islands. Here, a varied landscape prevails, perfect for hiking, paddling, and cycling through open pastures, forests, meadows, and rocky cliffs.


Courses and guided tours

Since 2024 Kosters Gardens is only open to pre-booked groups interested in taking a course or a guided tour in the garden. You can participate in courses ranging from permaculture, yoga, music, to crafts. If you want tips and advice for your own garden or to learn more about sustainable cultivation, book a guided tour at kosterstradgardar.se.

If you want to explore Koster more extensively, you can hike, paddle, or cycle with guided tours from Koster Kayak Tours.

Discover Sweden's only marine National Park

The Kosterhavet National Park covers 400 square kilometres and has a unique marine and archipelago environment. There is an awful lot to see and discover, both on land and at sea. The main entrance is naturum Kosterhavet, where you can book a guided tour. The Koster Islands also have several hiking paths, taking you across wild fields of shingle to deciduous forests and flowery beach meadows.

Contact information

Kosters Trädgårdar


45205 Sydkoster

Phone: +46 70 600 13 13

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Website: kosterstradgardar.se