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Walk on islands

Is there anything more inspiring than reacquainting yourself with nature during a walking holiday? Walk on archipelago islands like Dyrön or the Koster Islands, and discover the lush islands of lake Vänern.

There are fantastic walking options on the islands of the west coast. The entire Bohuslän coastline is renowned for its picturesque fishing villages, red boathouses and miles of smooth rock formations. But inland, too, you can walk on islands. The calm of the forest settles easily along the paths here. The most popular islands for walking in West Sweden are shown below, both on the coast and inland.


5 km, hard


The Dyrö Path takes you one round of the lovely island of Dyrön (4.5 kilometres). Despite its modest size, the island has a dramatic landscape. Discover the narrow gorge between two high walls of rock, wander among the free-roaming mouflon sheep and enjoy a stunning view of the archipelago.

5 km, easy


On your hike across the island, there are several spots to enjoy a swim in the ocean, and the opportunity to explore Smugglarrännan (Smugglers Gorge), discover caves, explore Trollskogen (Troll Forest) and enjoy the view of Carlsten's mighty fortress that sits at the top of the island.

2-5 km, easy-hard

Koön (close to Marstrand)

Koön is the island that is home to the eastern half of the Marstrand community. Here, three well-marked trails of varying degrees of difficulty, one of which has been adapted for accessibility, offer views of both Carlsten's Fortress in the southwest and the island of Åstol in the north. There are several well-kept barbecue areas along the way.

5 km, moderate


Härön is reached by ferry across Kyrkesund. The island has hiking trails that cross the island's nature reserve. Fantastic views, cliffs, views over the ocean and exciting nature.

9 km, moderate

Orust with the islands Malö, Flatö and Ängö

The fourth part of the Kuststigen-trail across Orust. From the ferry location at Malö and along the islands of Malö, Flatö and Ängö, with the sea as a constant companion.

6 km, moderate


The section starts in Fiskebäckskil and continues on fine gravel roads, through a fine mixed forest and ends in the old fishing community Grundsund.

10 km, moderate


Hike the Kuststigen on the beautiful island of Bohus-Malmön (Soteleden stage 8). There are fantastic bathing opportunities here, with lots of little bays and turquoise lagoons

14 km, difficult


Enjoy a stunning hike across Ramsvikslandet nature reserve, famously known as the Kingdom of the Rocks, consists of vast stretches of wave worn rocks, interspersed with heaths, meadows and smaller wetland areas. The trail is part of the Kuststigen and stage 5 of the Soteleden.

2 km, difficult


The route starts from the ferry berth on Hamburgö and runs around Hagberget. The route is slightly hilly and follows paths and old roads that in some places will give you a nice view over the strait. With the QR-code you have the possibility to listen to stories about the history of the area during your walk.

14 km, moderate


Sydkoster is the larger of the two Koster Islands and has a lush landscape with deciduous forest, flower-filled meadows and long sandy beaches. The path around the whole island is about 14 kilometres, but this can be broken down into shorter sections of 3–7 kilometres each.

5.5 km, moderate


There are two paths (about 5 kilometres each) on Nordkoster by the Kosthavet National Park. The ice age left behind amazing fields of shingle, which alongside the view from the lighthouses at Högen (the highest point on Koster) are the highlights of this pleasant walk.

14 km, moderate

Brommö Path

The island of Brommö is in the archipelago in lake Vänern, just off Mariestad. There is an 14 kilometre long path here that takes you through the wild blueberry forests with good swimming options, both from smooth rocks and sandy beaches. Perfect for a day trip, but remember to bring your picnic basket!

4 -7 km, moderate

Läckö, Kållandsö

Discover the area around Läckö Castle on foot. The 4-kilometre path that goes out to Roparudden takes you to the outermost part of lake Vänern's beautiful archipelago. On the west side of Kållandsö, the 7-kilometre-long Tranberg Path takes you through a cultural-historical area with much biodiversity.