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Photographer: Tobias Andersson

Hökensås Hiking Trail 11.5 km

11 km, easy

Explore the beautiful countryside around Hökensås, with its pine heaths and undulating, gentle ridges. The hiking trail is 11.5 km long and is suitable for the whole family.


Quick facts

Length: 11.5 km

Timing: approx. 2.5 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: Roads and paths, with occasional intrusions of roots and stones.


A fantastic walk among pine heaths along a glacial gravel ridge.

The 11.5 km Hökensås trail starts and finishes at First Camp Hökensås. The trail is relatively easily walked and surfaces vary between wider forest paths, gentle narrow paths and smaller paths with tree roots and stones. On the walk you can stop by a babbling brook, make a detour to one of the fishing lakes the trail passes, and just enjoy the peace and quiet. Take time to stop and admire the natural formations up on the ridge and look down at the potholes bearing witness to the ravages of the Ice Age in this area. 

Photographer: Tobias Andersson

There’s a rich animal life, and bilberries and lingonberries by the trail.

A little after 8 km you’ll come to Stora Grubben fishing lake. The enchanting forest and lake provide the perfect location for a stop. There’s a picnic table, barbecue area and rubbish bin. If you carry on along the shoreline and you’ll find more places to stop. When you look out over the lake you might even spot a fishing enthusiast pulling up their catch. 

There’s a rich animal life in the area, and if you like picking berries there are both bilberries and lingon berries if you’re there at the right time of year.

Accommodation and food

The trail starts by First Camp Hökensås. Hökensås Sportfiske can be found at the campsite, with a fishing tackle shop, and there’s another small shop as well as a restaurant. Opening times vary according to the season. There’s a toilet for customers in the campsite reception as well as maps of the walking routes in the area. 

Hiking in Hökensås

Experience what it’s like to go hiking in lovely Hökensås here.


Fact about the trail


The trail is a circular walk of 11.5 km.

Approximate times:

It takes around 2.5 hours to walk the trail.


The trail is marked in green, on posts and trees.

A number of trails start from the campsite, including an MTB trail. The hiking and MTB trails follow the same route for a large part of the hike.

In some places you cross roads but otherwise the trail keeps to the forest, which consists of pines, firs and shorter stretches of mixed forest. Where the path is stony it can be slippery if wet. Some passages go over wooden bridges which can also be slippery if it has been raining.

Level of difficulty:

Easily walked, even roads or paths. Tree roots and stones form occasional tread obstacles.

Start and end:

The trail starts and finishes by First Camp Hökensås where there is also a a car park.

How to get here:

Hökensås is in West Sweden near Lake Vättern, around 160 km from Gothenburg. If you decide to travel by train head first to Falköping or Skövde and then by bus from there to Tidaholm. Please check bus connections between Tidaholm and Hökensås as they can be sporadic.

If you are travelling by car Hökensås is 14 km from Tidaholm and 48 km from Jönköping.

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Contact information

First Camp Hökensås

Håkängen 1

522 91 Tidaholm

Phone: +46 502 230 53

E-mail: hokensas@firstcamp.se