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Baltaks fly fishing

Fly Fishing in the Baltak Rapids

In Baltak, three kilometers south of Tidaholm, you can enjoy fly fishing for rainbow trout and brown trout in the flowing waters of the Tidan River. You're guaranteed to have an incredible fishing experience in this beautiful stretch of river.

Three Kilometer Fly Fishing Stretch

Baltak's fly fishing offers classic fly fishing for rainbow trout and brown trout in the flowing waters of the Tidan River. The fly fishing stretch is just under three kilometers long and features varying rapids, currents, and calm waters. There are four zones for fly fishing. Wading is allowed in zones 1 and 3, but wading is prohibited in zones 2 and 4. Fly fishing with a fly rod, fly line, and fly is allowed. Fish are stocked at least once a week during the peak summer season. From September 15 to December 31, you are not allowed to catch brown trout.

Fishing Permits and Accommodation

A fishing permit vending machine is available at the Baltak fish farm. The area is exclusively accessible for fly fishing. For those who wish to stay overnight, there are two cabins and an apartment available for rent adjacent to the fish farm. You can find all the information about these accommodations here: Accommodation Baltak

Baltak Fish Farm

In Baltak, you'll find one of Hökensås Sportfiske's two fish farms. They primarily produce rainbow trout but also brown trout. What makes their operation unique is that they manage an entirely separate breeding line for rainbow trout, known as the Källefall rainbow, and cultivate only fingerlings specifically tailored for sport fishing tourism.

Contact information

Hökensås Sportfiske


522 91 Tidaholm

Phone: +46 502 230 00

E-mail: fiska@hokensas.se

Website: hokensas.se