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Photographer: Ahrex Hooks

Hökensås Sportfiske

Fishing adventures in a lake district

A fishing adventure awaits you in Hökensås, West Sweden. There are about 30 lakes with implanted rainbow trout and char from the company's own fish farms. In some lakes there are pike and perch too. To really get the best out of the fishing here, you can even rent your own lake. At night you can sleep well in the holiday village, on the campsite or at the guest house.

Sport fishing in about 30 lakes

The sport fishing area around Hökensås has fly fishing, spinning, float fishing and, in the winter, jig fishing. There are around 30 lakes with different characteristics, where all leased lakes and some of the smaller lakes have shelters with tables. Some of the lakes also have designated barbecue areas.
Fishing takes place mainly from the land, though wading also works in most places. There are piers on some of the lakes and two of them have piers adapted for disabled people. You can also rent a boat at five of the lakes in the area.


Rent your own lake

Hökensås Sportfiske will release fish into the lake each time it is rented out. You can choose whether you want to use float fishing, spinning or fly fishing. You have the use of the lake for 24 hours and can catch as many fish as you want and can manage.

Live comfortably on your fishing trip

When you come to Hökensås you can stay in the holiday village, on the campsite or at the guest house. The fishing centre is right next to First Camp Hökensås. Enjoy a comfortable bed in a cottage, mobile home or a simple cabin.


Contact information

Hökensås Sportfiske


52291 Tidaholm

Phone: +46 502 230 00

E-mail: fiska@hokensas.se

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