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Ettaks Strömmar

Nature Reserve with Rich Plant and Bird Life

The Tidan River is unique; it is one of the few rivers in Sweden that flows northward. In some places, the water flows faster and forms a stretch of rapids, and one such place is Ettaks Strömmar.

Flowing Water and Forest

At Ettaks Strömmar, the Tidan River flows a bit faster than usual. Here, a natural rapids stretch of almost 6 km has formed, which is largely untouched. The nature reserve consists of the riverbed, alder forest, mixed forest, and pastureland. Along the northwest side of the river, there is a pleasant walking path.

Rich Plant and Bird Life

The nature reserve is home to many plants that thrive near watercourses. The rare fern known as "safsan" or royal fern grows as large shrubs along the riverbanks at Ettaks Strömmar.
It is one of the northernmost habitats for this specific fern. In the area, there are also moist pasturelands where the marsh gentian, with its beautiful blue flowers, thrives.
It is a rare plant that requires grazing to thrive.
The birdlife in the area is rich, including birds like the dipper, common sandpiper, and kingfisher, which are associated with running water.
The threatened fish called "färna" (also known as European chub) can be found in the rapids.

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