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Photographer: Mattias Nilsson

Hökensås Nature Reserve

Nature with a Northern Character

Hökensås Nature Reserve is a piece of preserved wilderness with significant natural value, deep forests, and tranquil serenity. In some areas, the nature is as close to the wilderness as you can get—a miniature version of the Northern wilderness. The sparse pine forests and numerous lakes make the area highly attractive for outdoor activities.

Varied Landscape

The nature in Hökensås Nature Reserve is described as gently undulating bedrock with characteristics resembling the Northern wilderness. The reserve consists of a bedrock ridge up to 300 meters high and ten kilometers long. It is considered to be a horst, which means it is a mountainous area that has been uplifted or remained in place while faults along its sides lowered the surrounding land. The landscape on the ridge is heavily undulating with esker ridges and rounded hills mixed with flat gravel and sand fields and deep hollows. In the depressions, you will find marshes, lakes, and ponds. The diverse and fascinating shapes of the landscape serve as a reminder of the last ice age's impact on the region.

Plant and Animal Life

The forests, primarily composed of pine, are low in species diversity but highly valued for berry and mushroom picking. The undisturbed nature provides a refuge for many bird and animal species.
With luck, you might spot species like the common scoter, pearl owl, capercaillie, black grouse, moose, pine marten, fox, lynx, and roe deer.

Get Active in Hökensås Nature Reserve

Being active in Hökensås is simple. The area offers numerous fishing lakes, berry and mushroom picking grounds, a lovely bathing lake, a network of roads and trails, well-marked hiking trails, and cycling paths. If you wish to stay overnight, First Camp Hökensås is a great choice!

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