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Storegården in Suntak

18th-Century Gothic Farm

Storegården in Suntak is a well-preserved farm from the 18th century that comes to life with activity in the summer.

Farm from the Early 18th Century

Near the old Suntak Church, you'll find Storegården. It is one of nine farms that were built around the church in the early 18th century. Today, Storegården is the only one left in its original location. The buildings on the farm are entirely made of wood, and the only renovation that has been done is replacing the turf and reed roofs with tiled roofs. Since no other renovations have been made, Storegården is an excellent example of what a main building could look like at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century.

Gothic Farm

Storegården belonged to the type of farms known as the Gothic farm.
A Gothic farm, or "den götiska gården" in Swedish, represent a particular architectural style and layout that reflects the historical and cultural aspects of rural life in Sweden during this time period.
Gothic farms are characterized by their two courtyards, one of which is adjacent to the main building, separated from the farm buildings by some form of fence. Around the other courtyard, called the "fägård," the buildings are often grouped symmetrically and placed so that the outer ones are built at an angle in relation to the others, almost enclosing the courtyard. The main building consists of two dwellings. On the second floor, there is a very fine collection of items donated by Henry Carlsson.

Summer at Storegården

Today, the farm is primarily used during the summer. The Dimbo District Antiquities and Local History Society keeps it open with a coffee shop and a wide variety of craft-based activities every Saturday from Midsummer Day. Through the society, it's also possible to book a tour of the farm.

Contact information

Dimbobygdens fornminnes- och hembygdsförening

Suntak Storegården

522 92 Tidaholm

Phone: +46 502 402 43