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Photographer: Jonas Ingman @ Bruksbild

Ferry 'Lina'

Go for a ride with Sweden's smallest ferry called ‘Lina’

The ferry ‘Lina’ is Sweden's smallest regular ferry and it runs across Göta Canal, in the town of Töreboda. The short journey only takes about 20-25 seconds. The ferry is pulled by hand across the canal, you can even try doing it yourself.

Take the unique ferry across the Göta canal

This unique ferry connection first opened in 1919 by the retired train driver Oskar Lindhult. From the beginning, the crossing took place with a simple twist. In the late 1930s the skipper named ‘Färje-Karl’ received permission to stretch a line across the canal which made way for this special ferry crossing to be built and put into operation.

The ferry ‘Lina’ is open from May to September.


Contact information

Töreboda kommun


545 30 Töreboda

Phone: +46 50618915

E-mail: turistbyra@toreboda.se

Website: To homepage