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Photographer: Anneli Johansson

Bastöna gammelgård

Well-preserved farmstead dating from the 1860s

A visit to Bastöna gammelgård in Kvänum takes you to a peaceful and secluded setting. This well-preserved farmstead dates back to the 1860s. You are surrounded by forest and a cultural landscape of clearance cairns and remains of old farmsteads.

A rugged life
Bastöna gammelgård sits in leafy surroundings in an ancient farming landscape. The farmstead consists of two furnished dwellings, a barn, a small pigsty and an outside toilet. In old times the croft had no modern amenities such as running water or electricity. The farmstead was largely self-sufficient from farming, fishing and forestry.

Enjoy a picturesque walk
If you follow the track up to the croft and continue towards the edge of the forest, you have reached the outfield and the former cultivated land bordering the forest. A lovely walk lies ahead over the bog and marshland down to Rösjön lake, which lies 126 metres above sea level. This walks takes roughly half an hour. 

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