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  • Photographer: Anneli Johansson

Rösjö mosse (nature reserve)

Nature reserve with lake

Rösjö mosse is one of Västergötland’ s largest areas of bogland and is made up of open bogs and fens. This is a sparsely populated region of untouched countryside. The open bogs to the north are rich in birdlife, including golden plovers, wood sandpipers, curlews and yellow wagtails.

On the hunt for cranes
Birds of prey, owls, grouse and nightjars nest in the woodland at Rösjö mosse. The proximity to Hornborgasjön means that birds seeking undisturbed habitats come to Rösjö mosse. If you are in luck, you may spot a resting crane.

Nature reserve with lake
Rösjö mosse is mostly made up of plateau bogs, but you will also find fens, swamp forest and swamp fens. In the southern part of the reserve at Storöjan are areas of forest that have remained untouched for over 100 years. You will also find Rösjön lake here, with lots of fen terrain along its shoreline. 

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