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Photographer: Emma Augustsson

Käppesjö and other lakes FVO

An FVO with many small lakes

Käppesjö and other lakes FVO consists of several lakes between Fengersfors and Edsleskog. Here you will find the usual freshwater fish. In lake Knarrbysjön there is also trout.

The lakes in the fishing area includes

  • Bockstenstjärnet
  • Bräcketjärnet
  • Brännemossetjärnet
  • Bärutetjärnet
  • Dammen
  • Flottjärnet
  • Gäddetjärnet
  • Humletorpstjärnet
  • Knarrbysjön
  • Koppungstjärnet
  • Kotjärnet
  • Kristinedalstjärnet
  • Kroktjärnet
  • Kusetjärnet
  • Käppesjön
  • Lintjärnet
  • Ryssetjärnet
  • Rådanetjärnet
  • S:t Hagtjärnet
  • Storemossen
  • Tansjön (gäller ej hela)
  • Vikerudstjärnet

Fish Species

  • Pike
  • Perch
  • Roach
  • Bleak

In Lake Knarrbysjön you will also find the trout.


Year: 200 SEK

Week: 80 SEK

Fishing rules

It is only allowed to fish with hand tools in the fishing area.

It is prohibited to fish in the creek between lake Edslan and lake Knarrbysjön.

In lake Käppesjön it is forbidden to put in your own boat. Only properly cleaned equipment may be used. Bait used in another lake may not be used. This is to protect the sensitive crayfish from infection.

Trolling is not allowed.

Fishing license

Fishing license iscurrently sold digitally at ifiske.se and also at Visit Åmål Tourist Information Office - Hamngatan 3 in Åmål.

Contact information

Åmåls Turistbyrå

Hamngatan 3

66231 Åmål

Phone: +46 053217098

E-mail: turism@amal.se

Website: dalsland.com/amal