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  • Photographer: Emma Augustsson

  • Photographer: Emma Augustsson

  • Photographer: Emma Augustsson

Örnäs playground

A popular destination for families

Örnäs playground is a newly built playground with activities for both younger and older children. There is a place for barbecues and seating with roof for picnics. A popular destination for families.

Play and have a picnic

At the playground you will find jungle gyms, swings, a trampoline, wooden animals and a lot of other things. One side of the playground is for younger children (1-4 years) and the other side is for the older ones. You will also find a barbeque area and seating’s for picnics. Next to the playground is a nice outhouse. In the summer, the forest is full of blueberries and wild raspberries.

Mini zoo

Next to the playground, you will find Åmåls zoo with horses, goats, rabbits and chickens. They also sell ice cream. 

Contact information

Åmåls Kommun


66231 Åmål

Phone: +46 053217000

E-mail: kommun@amal.se

Website: amal.se