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  • Photographer: Emma Augustsson

  • Photographer: Emma Augustsson

  • Photographer: Emma Augustsson

The new and old church of Edsleskog

Murder and pilgrims

Edsleskog was during the middle Ages, a church center and the parish had a high status in the Diocese of Skara. Pilgrims visited St.Nicolaus's spring well adjacent to the church on their way to Nidaros and there was a special pilgrim's tax that gave the church a significant income. The church that stands here today was built in 1902.

The new church of Edsleskog

They began building the new church in 1902 when the old church burned to the ground. The church was consecrated in 1905. The only thing that could be saved from the old church were two wooden figures representing Moses and Aaron, and two pewter candlesticks

The old church of Edsleskog

Edsleskogs old church was built in the early 1200s in connection with the Pope's canonization of Edsleskogs murdered priest Nicolaus. After he was murdered a spring of water appeared and it became a divine location. After two fires in 1568 and 1902 it was demolished and the new church was built. The original church walls are now marked on the old cemetery.

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