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  • Photographer: Emma Augustsson

  • Photographer: Emma Augustsson

  • Photographer: Emma Augustsson

Tollebol mill meeting place

An important meeting place for the village for hundreds of years

Tollebol's mill and the farm have roots that extend back to the Middle Ages. From this time until the end of the 20th century, the mill has been in operation to grind grain cultivated by farmers nearby. There are several interesting buildings in the area that reflect life at Tollebol's mill and this year the area has become a museum.


At Tollebol mill meeting place you can enter various buildings and it feels as if time has stood still. There are animals, both living ones and artificial with accompanying sounds that make the houses feel alive.

The mill

Tollebol mill is a wheel mill dated back to 1875. Today, the mill is a popular summer cafe where waffles and other goodies are served. You can also buy milled flour and homemade cakes and bread.

Opening hours museum

Daily from June 27 to August 21 between 14:00 – 18:00. 

Contact information

Åmåls Västra Byalag, Ellinor Moberg



Phone: +46 0730322693

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