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Photographer: Sara Taijonlahti

Yttre Bodane - nature reserve

Hike among the islands in the archipelago

Yttre Bodane nature reserve is a forest and archipelago nature reserve at Lake Vänern, about 10 kilometer north of Köpmannebro. During the Ice Age, the bedrock split up and formed the archipelago and its many islands. Within the reserve there are 11 interesting coastal cairn from the Bronze Age. The area is famous for its rich bird life and many different wild flowers and plants. Many unusual and rare species are found here.

The Yttre Bodane nature reserve offers hikes in nature that is almost unique from an international perspective – freshwater archipelago. Nowhere is the archipelago of lake Vänern more accessible to visitors on foot. 

Hiking trails

Number of trails: 4
Length: 1 km - 3,8 km
Type of trails: Loops
Almost 12 km of hiking trails divided into four trails that are not limited to the mainland. Via spans and bridges you can reach islands and skerries.

Map för hiking

Hiking & nature

You will find track information 400 meters south of the parking lot. There is also a smaller Nature Info Room with information about the plants and animals in the area.

(Nötötorp) is located within the reserve area. At the parking lot there is a TC. Many of the trails have footbridges so you won´t get wet.

Vålbergsnäbben - The trail runs along the Nötöleden but departs just before the visitor center. At Vålbergsnäben you get a wide view of Lake Vänern. Good bathing possibilities.
Length: 2.2 km
Terrain: Easy

The Tången trail - The trail goes west from the track information board and leads out to the peninsula Tången.
Length: 1.3 km
Terrain: Easy

The Lasse trail - The trail leads to a peninsula and there are nice bathing possibilities.
Length: 1 km
Terrain: Easy

The Nötö trail - East from the track information board and towards Nötön. The Nötö trail has a viewpoint and a smaller Nature Room.
Length: 3.8 km
Terrain: Easy


The reserve is approx. 25 kilometer south of Åmål and 10 kilometer north of Köpmannebro. It is signposted from road E45.

Please follow the regulations for the nature reserve.

More about the nature reserve

Nature Conservation Manager: West Coast Foundation


Contact information


40340 Åmål

Phone: +46 0102244000

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Website: vastkuststiftelsen.se