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Photographer: Tuana Fridén

Ålleberg hiking trails

Plateau mountain with a magnificent outlook

Ålleberg is the highest of Västra Götaland’s plateau mountains at 335 meters above sea-level. The hiking trails pass through pastures with grazing animals, water springs and outlook points with fantastic views over the landscape.

Quick facts

Yellow signed: 1.3 km

Red signed: 1.9 km

Green signed: 4.7 km

The trails differ in level of difficulty, see more information below.


Trails in Nature Reserve

On Ålleberg plateau mountain there are three hiking trails which are 1.3 km, 1.9 km and one of 4.7 km. Two of them begin by the café and one of them goes from the rest area at the foot of Ålleberg mountain. Most of the mountain is nature reserve, which means it is a specially protected area. Remember to take left-over food and rubbish home with you. Be considerate of animals and nature! It is also forbidden to light fires. You may only cycle on the paths leading up to the mountain.

Read more about your rights and responsibilities at:
Protected areas

Hiking trails

Guldkrags Trail – Yellow signed – 1.3 km
Difficult (steep). Starts at the foot of the mountain by the rest area.

Platå Trail – Red signed – 1.9 km
Easy (flat gravel surface or slight slope)

Ålleberg Trail – Green signed – 4.7 km
Medium/difficult (varied terrain with hilly parts)

On parts of the mountain there are grazing animals at certain times of the year, generally this is from May to October. Dogs should not be allowed in grazing pastures!

Web map

Here you will find the mountain with trails marked on a map!

Beautiful viewpoints

On the mountain there are many outlooks such as that of Ålleberg, Osthanget and Västhanget with beautiful views over Falbygden and the countryside. Be careful not to go too near to the edge of the mountain.

Cycle stand

 If you come by bicycle to Ålleberg there is a cycle stand between Hokällan and Övergården at the foot of the mountain. From there you can climb the mountain via paths and steps.


There are four places to park, one is located by the rest area at the foot of the mountain, one on the sharp curve on the way up to the top, one before Osthanget up on the mountain, and there is one car park up on the plateau by the Gliding Museum.


The trails are well signed, but weather and wind can cause the trail signs to go missing. Are signs missing, has a tree blown down over the path or is there something else that needs to be taken care of? Please let us know using the Falköping Municipality Comments Form or call:
+46 515- 88 50 00.

Comments form

Plateau mountain

Ålleberg lies on Falbygden’s limestone plateau and the mountain itself is made up of shale and dolerite. Dolerite is found only on the north side of the mountain. The limestone lies around the mountain and provides fertile and nutritious cultivation soil. The geology has also resulted in distinct flora, with deciduous forest on the slopes, and species-rich meadows and pastures. There are 15 plateau mountains in Västergötland, and they are all formed the same way, by different rock strata. However, every mountain has its own distinctive features, and the geology and nature varies somewhat from mountain to mountain. Read more about the geology and the other plateau mountains on www.platabergensgeopark.se

Take a break, eat and stay on the mountain

After a lovely hike in the countryside, a cup of coffee or a lunch tastes extra good. Up on the mountain plateau there is a restaurant and café with a large terrace which offers magnificent views. There is even the possibility to stay over on the mountain with your caravan, motorhome or in one of the cabins. The restaurant, café and campsite are seasonally open in spring, summer and early autumn. Please check the opening times before your visit! www.allebergcafeorestaurang.se/

To enjoy your own snack or picnic there are benches by the Glider Museum, also at the rest area at the foot of the mountain, Osthanget’s outlook and by Västhanget’s viewpoint.

Digital guidance at Ålleberg

Be guided on Ålleberg with the help of the Kulturväg Skaraborg app. In the app you can listen or read about the mountain’s nature, geology, gliding history and some of Ålleberg’s exciting
legends, for example, about Ålleberg’s rider. The app is free to download and you can find it there you download apps. The guide is under the heading ”Walks on foot” in the app Kulturväg Skaraborg.


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