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Photographer: Falbygdens Museum

Karleby långa

Falbygden’s best preserved Stone Age landscape

Welcome to Karleby, Falbygden’s best preserved Stone Age landscape! Along the 3-kilometre long road through the village are no less than 11 passage graves, monumental family graves built during the Neolithic Period, ca 3500-3100 BC.

The Passage Graves

In an almost straight row, parallel to the road, are Karleby’s largest passage graves. The chamber of the biggest one, Ragnvalds kulle is 17 metres long, which makes this the biggest passage grave in Sweden. The name of the grave comes from a legend that describes how King Ragnvald Knaphövde, on his introductory tour through Sweden in the 1130s, rode into Västergötland without ensuring that he was accompanied by local men who would protect him. This mission resulted in the king being beaten to death at Karleby. Local residents later imagined that the king must be buried in the biggest grave in the parish. Ragnvalds kulle has never been excavated.

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