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Photographer: Johan Lindwert

Plateau mountain tour 185 km

Road cycling

The Plateau Mountain Tour is a tough and hilly road tour that takes you up three famous mountains in Skaraborg. A very enjoyable tour of Billingen, Kinnekulle and Mösseberg, with start and finish in Falköping.

Length: 185 km
Elevation: 1 701 m

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First mountain – Billingen

That this route was named The Plateau Mountain Tour was no accident. Starting in Falköping, after only 20 km you reach the foot of Billingen, the first of the three mountains to be climbed. Turn your gaze to the west for a wonderful view of Lake Hornborgasjön, where you can also see the twin spires of Skara Cathedral.

Up in the southern part of Billingen you pass Lake Simsjön, a small lake with several attractive swimming spots. After you have cycled through the outskirts of Skövde, northern Billingen presents you with a tough climb. When you get to the top, which is the highest point of the circuit, you will come to a stretch of road that is known locally as ‘Raka linan’ or ‘The Straight Line’. It is a 10 km stretch of straight road with forest on both sides and no major changes in elevation.


Second mountain – Kinnekulle

You have now covered about a third of the distance and it's time to leave Billingen behind with an easy downhill run to Timmersdala. Then some smaller roads to Kinnekulle, the second mountain on the circuit, where you are immediately confronted with a climb that is a full 5 km long, followed by a welcome downhill and before you know it, another steep climb. After all that effort getting to the top of Kinnekulle, you deserve a fika at Blombergs Café på Klostret (Blomberg’s Café at the Monastery), on Kinnekulle's southwest edge.


Third mountain – Mösseberg

From here comes a long section with no major climbs. You pass Lundsbrunn Golf Club and The Uddagården Agricultural School and then go through Skara, where you can get a closer look at those twin spires. You also cycle past Hornborgasjön right at the Trandansen viewpoint and visitor centre. If you are passing by in the spring, you should definitely stop for a while to see the thousands of dancing cranes and learn more about these amazing birds.

Now to round off this strenuous route with Mösseberg, the third and final mountain. When you reach the top of Vilske Kleva hill there is just 11 km to go until you reach your destination back in Falköping.

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Three things to remember as a road cyclist:

  • Cycle safely. Always wear a helmet and have a repair kit with you in case of an accident. Some roads may be busier than others and the surface may vary
  • Show respect for pedestrians, motorists, and other cyclists. Remember you are not alone on the roads
  • Protect nature by always disposing of rubbish responsibly. Keep hold of wrappers from energy bars and the like until you find a bin


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