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Photographer: Eva Erlandsson, Antiksafari

Bytt & Blandat

Childrens clothes and gift items

At Bytt & Blandat you can leave childrens clothing, shoes and other kids things of good quality for sale. You can at the same time come home with new secondhand clothing for the kids.

Store in the town of Högsäter

Makes use of childrens clothes, shoes and other kids items of good quality. You can leave items and sell them on commision, if they don’t sell you decide if you want them back or donate to carity. 

There are also nice gifts or for your home from Majas Cottage, these are sold to support the Childrens Cancerfond and Suicide Zero. 

The shop is usually open Tuesday and Wednesday between 2 - 5 pm and the first Saturday in each month between 10am to 2pm. But please check times before a visit. You can also arrange time of your choice per arrangement.

Contact information

Bytt & Blandat

Genavägen 19a

45870 Högsäter

Phone: +46 072 235 0664

E-mail: ulricaht33@gmail.com

Website: byttochblandat.se