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Photographer: Eva Erlandsson

Loppis i Stigens Folkets Hus

Antiksafari partner

Second hand both downstairs and upstairs

In Stigen between Färgelanda and the road E45 at Stigens Folkets hus with most things from cutlery to tools. There is also some new handicrafts.

Part of the profit goes to Unga Örnars youth program and some to UNISEF's ”Världens Barn”.

About once a month there is extra much here as tables for second hand sales can be rented.

Coffee and waffle is served during the weekends.

For opening hours checked as advertized or call for info.


Stigen Folkets hus is a part of antiksafari.com!

Contact information

Inredning Loppis i Stigens Folkets hus

Vänersborgsvägen 47

45894 Stigen

Phone: +46 070 693 68 14

E-mail: Send e-mail